State of the Art,
Precision CNC Milling Machines

Precision CNC Milling Machines Using state of the art, precision CNC milling machines, Stubborn Mule Outdoor Supply, LLC. manufactures the finest lower receivers for AR-15 variants and 50 BMG lowers pre-drilled for Bohica Arms Upper Assembly.

Each receiver is made from the highest grade blanks of billet aluminum and milled to exacting tollerances.

Close-up of CNC Machining a Receiver Because our lowers are milled, we have the capability to provide our customers with custom configurations at an afforadable cost. Our Custom Machining can give your rifle special functionality to meed your specific needs or can be for cosmetic appeal by having your own engravings or insignias milled right into the receiver.

We currently have our Rogue Single Shot 50 BMG lower that will definetely turn heads at the range.

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